What can you do to help?

On this page you can find information about what you can do to help refugees in family locations.‎

doenTogether we can make sure the rights of youth in family locations will be top priority again.

The best way to help is the easiest: talk about it. Share information with the people around you. A lot of people do not know the family locations exist, and not even a bit of what happens in there. You can help change that by making it more visible and break the silence.

Like our Facebook pagina van ‘Geen kind aan de kant!’ and share the posts. Show other people the website. At the bottom of this page, you can find a series of facebookpictures you can shere. ‘Geen Kind aan de Kant’ is also on Twitter @nochild2theside and on Instagram @GeenKindaandeKant

Every little bit helps: from smaller things to larger projects. What else can you do?


  • Spread the book with stories by children and professionals ‘These are the rules, this is the law. You are put on a plane back.’ You can download the book  here, or send an e-mail to obtain a paper version (only if you can pay the sendingcosts since we don’t have much money). The paper version is also available for free at Fort van Sjakoo.
  • Organise an information evening in your own neighbourhood. We can help you by sending you an information package or come to give a talk (if possible it would be great if you could pay our traveling costs).
  • Share our video on facebook video van ‘Geen kind aan de kant!’
  • Go to one of the screenings of  ‘Forget me not’ or watch it back on uitzendinggemist.nl
  • sign the petition for the campaign ‘Ik Blijf Hier’ by Defence for Children (check here for more information)
  • become a volunteer at the Vrolijkheid or donate: De Vrolijkheid organises activities for children in asylum locations with the help of volunteers. This helps to let children be children. You can check the filmp  about their activities.
  • Download, print and spread the manifesto ‘Stand up for refugees!’ by Stichting Gave within your church community.
  • SIgn the petition de petitie tekenen ‘Stop deportation of settled children now!’. The petition is launched by the PvdA-fraction assistent Esther van Dijken in Winsum.
  • Let us know if you can do a little something to lighten the life of families, like helping them learn Dutch, go to the petting zoo, or even give medical/psychological help.
  • Donate to the Children’s Pardon Application pot so people in family location try and get a children’s pardon. Refugee families with young children that have been in the Netherlands for over five years, can apply for the “children’s pardon”. Sending children back after those five years seriously damages their development. Applying for the children’s pardon costs over 170 euros per family member. With your donation we can support  their application! More information here.


  • Invite us  for an information night about family locations and the goal of our campaign (for instance in a community centre, church community, organisation, or just friends and family).
  • If you are a teacher:  invite us  to do a guest lesson about family locations and the life of youth living there.
  • If you are a teacher in primary education: make drawing with your pupils for their peers in the family location nearby (or if there is no location nearby, we can help spread it).


  • Are you living in a family location yourself (or have you lived there in the past) and do you want to share your story? Contact us, so we can post is on our website. Every story will be posted anonymously.


There are more and more families who do not want to wait out their deportation at the family locations. That is a terribly difficult dilemma, because people will be on the streets with their children. If you have livingspace to spare, and are you contemplating sheltering families for a short or longer period? Contact us, we can help you and answer questions. All your communications and personal details will be on a private server. geenkindaandekant@gmail.com

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