Information Evening in The Hague

On Monday April 23rd we are guests at the Ruige Rog  for an information evening in The Hague. At 19:00 soup will be served and afterwards there will be an information evening. At this evening we will tell you more about the problems surrounding children and their families who are “denied residency” but are still in the Netherlands. We also hope that families from the ‘family location’ in Katwijk will join us for a lovely dinner and to share their story.

We will also introduce our new ideas for setting up solidarity networks around the family locations. We think that it is important for people living in the family locations to have more contact with the outside world. That way they can no longer disappear silently. It is also a great opportunity to learn from one another and for documented people to help people in a simple way. Already one hour a week will be a great help, like speaking Dutch, doing homework with the kids, or maybe organizing a fun event.

*more languages will follow*