I live in a family location and I need…

If you are living in a family location, certain things are sometimes hard to do, get or learn. Then you need help.

In the Netherlands there are many people who want to help. They are not always educated. So they cannot do everything. But we can do a lot together. For example learning Dutch. Or reading difficult letters. Or helping children with their homework. Or certain kinds of health care, like a dentist. Some people also want to organise fun activities with children, like going to the zoo.

We cannot do everything and we cannot do it everywhere. We are just regular people who want to help a little. Do not expect too much. We can only try. Together we are strong. 

You can let us know at geenkindaandekant@gmail.com what we can help you with. If you do, we will try to find someone who is capable of doing that. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Everything you will fill out, will be stored safely. A

Nothing will be shared with the IND, DT&V or COA. We do not work with them.