I live in a family location

If you are living in a family location, there are several things you can do to help us. And there are things we and others can do for you.

We are not payed for this work. We are doing this voluntarily. But we really want to help, just as other people do. We do not work with the IND, we are also not working with DT&V, and not wit the COA. Everything you will tell us is safe. We do not tell.


What we can do

We can get you in touch with other people who want to help. In the Netherlands, there are many people who want to help a bit. They are not always educated to do so. So they can not do everything. But together we can do a lot. If you click here you will reach a page where you can contact us about that.

We can share your story. If you want to tell your story, but you don’t know how to, you can send us an e-mail. We can share your story on our Facebook and Website. We can also try to reach a journalist, but we cannot guarantee. You can look at some examples of others who have told their stories here.

What you can do

To be able to do what we do, we also need your help. That’s because we need information. A lot of people in the Netherlands do not know the family locations exist. And they do not know who live in the locations, or what life is like. We can only change that if more people know that the family locations exist and what happens in there. That is why we need information from you. About what life is like, when people are arrested, how many times you move, how large your house is. Everything. If you want to tell your story, or if you just want to let us know someone has been arrested, send us an e-mail at geenkindaandekant@gmail.com

Tell all people you know that we exist and what we do. If more people know, we can help you more. This is very important.

Film it when someone is arrested. Make sure people do not see this and send it to us by e-mail. We will publish it so people can see what the police does when they are arresting people. Send us an e-mail at geenkindaandekant@gmail.com

Let us know when someone is arrested. If you don’t want to film is or if you didn’t see it yourself, send us an e-mail to just let us know. Please tell us from which location, how many people were in the family, and what their name is. That way we can call the lawyer. Also we can let others know another family was picked up. Send us an e-mail at geenkindaandekant@gmail.com