Help families in family locations

We want to make life in the family locations more bearable for parents and children for as long as they are living there. There are all kinds of organisations to help them, but we also want to contribute. We know that a lot of people for instance want to learn how to speak Dutch, and can use some help to get there. We also know there are many people who want to help them out for an hour a week or so. We want to connect these people with families who could use some help.

What kind of help?

We understand not everyone is a doctor or psychologist, but together we have a more extended network – so get in touch with that uncle you have in Den Helder who would like to speak Dutch with someone, or the mother of your partner who can offer psychological support.

An hour a week speaking Dutch with a child or parent, or an hour going to the petting zoo, or helping a kid doing their homework. Everything you can think of is a small help. Everything helps because life in a family location is not fun at all. There are hardly any facilities and few possibilities for extra things. People who are living there are deemed “illegal” by the government. This means that most of the time they cannot have a bankaccount, bank card, or money etc. If you want to do more than the options listed below, please let us know! From fun activities to health care.*

Let us know what you want to do

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* We’ll make sure all your communications is stored safely.