The debate about refugees makes emotions rise high. Most of the attention is the debate goes to the refugees who have newly arrived in The Netherlands. But refugeechildren who have been here for a longer period of time suffer in silence. Geen Kind aan de Kant! focusses on these children. 

Children’s Rights

In 1995 The Netherlands have signed the Convention on the Rights for Children by the United Nations. But the way refugeechildren and their parents who live in “family locations”  and the family prison daily suffer the violation of those rights.  Children are often transfered to other locations and in the process lose all their security and friends, and often they miss school for a period of time. Besides that, their development is endangered because of the permanent fear of being deported to a country they do not or hardly know, especially when they are deported after five years. This is also made clear in lots of research and publications by experts and academics.

Geen Kind aan de Kant!

GEEN KIND AAN DE KANT works with refugee children, their parents and multiple other organisations to:

  • achieve an unconditional Children’s Pardon for children who have settled here. 
  • stop police raids at the family locations and the following lock-up and deportation. 

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